Why our Salesforce Consultants Love Syracuse

As we expand and open new offices to better serve our client base, we’re taking a moment to show our original city some love. In this piece, the #SparkSquad shares what we love about having our HQ located in Syracuse, NY.

Christine: I love Syracuse because there’s an energy in the city right now that we’re ‘on the come up’. Cool new restaurants and breweries are popping up all the time! A few of my favorites from the last few years are Original Grain (restaurant) and IBU brewery. I also love the ease of travel. Within 4 hours you could be in a major city, within 2 you could be hiking beautiful mountains in the Adirondacks, and within 1 you could be on a wine tasting and waterfall-viewing tour in the Finger Lakes. The city of Syracuse itself is easy to get around too. You’re never more than 20 minutes from one side of town to the other, so the short commute times allow for a great quality of life here.

Karen: I love all the different things you can do in Syracuse. Whether it’s a boat day on Oneida Lake in the summer, heading out to Empire Farmstead in the Fall or going skiing at Labrador Mountain in the winter, there’s never a lack of adventure. Winters can be long, REALLY long – might as well embrace and enjoy it!

Dena: I love seasons and Syracuse surely has them all! Having lived in San Diego for several years, my appreciation for Syracuse grew much deeper being away from home as I realized how much I missed the beautiful falls we have up here, the amazing lakes during the summer and (sometimes) the snow! Syracuse has a great community feel and is making huge strides in so many industries. It’s great to work and live in a place where there is such support from one small business to another.

Nikki: I love visiting Syracuse. There are so many different restaurants and happy hour spots in Armory Square! I always get to explore and try new places during my stay.

Beth: I grew up in Syracuse and I love that I am close to my family by continuing to live here. I have also loved watching the city, especially downtown, evolve and develop over the past few years. The new restaurants, the start-up small businesses, the creek-walk, Lakeview Amphitheater, and the clean-up and revitalization of Onondaga Lake Park are all evidence of what a cool place Syracuse is becoming.

As a company, we also love that having our consultancy headquartered in Syracuse gives us the opportunity to work with businesses of all kinds. We’re the only Salesforce consultants in Syracuse and we’re proud to provide local help to an amazing client portfolio!