What We Love About Spark.Orange


Who says love and work don’t belong in the same sentence? Valentine’s Day has us thinking about all the reasons we love Spark.Orange. Here are just a few thoughts from the #SparkSquad..

“I love the people and how everyone works together, as well as the company culture as a whole and the way management cares about its’ people.” – Dan, Senior Administrator

“I love my teammates at Spark.Orange, it makes collaboration fun and it pays dividends for clients in the long run.” – Karen, Project Manager

“I love the teamwork at Spark.Orange – everyone enjoys working together and helping each other out to meet clients needs…with a little fun along the way!” – Nikki, Salesforce Consultant

“I love the budding culture, the team and the encouragement to take your career wherever you want to.” – Pat, Program Manager

“I love the energy at Spark.Orange – you can tell that everyone here cares about doing great work and building a sustainable business.” – Stodds, Director of Marketing

“There is a great entrepreneurial & underdog spirit here; we combine hard work & talent to punch above our weight class and succeed through execution & quality.” – Tom, Salesforce Consultant

“I love the people. Every single person is so fun, smart, encouraging and energizing to be around. Its so fun waking up and wanting to go into an environment you love! The snacks aren’t too shabby either.” – Dena, Solutions Architect

“I love the competitive environment, but in competitive in the best sense of the word. We all encourage and inspire one another to reach our max potential.” – Genna, Salesforce Implementation Consultant

We’re happy to have an environment that people love to be a part of – not just today, but every day. Happy Valentine’s Day!