The Spark.Orange Team

About Derek Vargas

Derek has a passion for developing strategies that allow businesses to responsibly accelerate growth while improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs. Most recently, Derek was Managing Director at Smart Sales, LLC, a boutique Management Consultancy with a focus on Sales and Marketing optimization. Over the course of his tenure at Smart Sales, he served as Interim CMO at Acro Energy, a California-based Solar Energy Integrator where within 6-months he had successfully doubled lead generation (and, in turn, revenues), leading to Acro’s acquisition by IES. Prior to his time with Smart Sales, Derek spent over 5-years with DigitalEvents, LLC, a Denver-based design, film, and post-production house that he co-Founded; 6-years as a Technology Consultant with Right Management Consultants serving the Fortune 100; and one year as VP of Information Services for, a click-and-bricks start-up out of Washington, DC that is now a national chain.