Salesforce Ideas to Support

Written by Tom Hoffman


At SparkOrange, we are always looking for ways to enhance the user experience and to continue creating strategic advantages using the Salesforce platform.  There are many great ideas that have come from the Salesforce Community and are worthy of supporting to help meet the needs of users and Admins alike.  We want to shed some light on an idea we feel very strongly is worth upvoting and promoting on the IdeaExchange with hopes we can move it forward!

The Idea: as standard import tool (Retire Import Wizard) & lift 10k limit

Why its Worthy:

Oh Data Loader, we’ve been together for almost a decade.  We’ve had so many late nights and early mornings, moments of anger and joy, but I believe Mr. Schuler is right, it is time for our relationship to come to an end (I never used the Import Wizard, so I’m aiming right for big brother).

Data Loader requires installation on your local machine and has struggled to keep up with the latest releases of operating systems, often lagging behind for months before a functioning install package is ready.  Failed processes need to be started over again from scratch, there is no history available for review, field mapping is primitive, settings are saved globally (I’m looking at you INSERT NULL VALUES!!!) vs for each process, etc., etc., etc.

With the acquisition of MuleSoft, Salesforce became the owner of, a freemium (up to 10,000 records a month free) data loader tool that requires no local storage or installations, has an intuitive interface, advanced mapping tools (the ability to look records up by name!) and many other benefits.  The feature set is so comparatively rich with I think the best summarization I can provide is: is to Data Loader what Data Loader is to Import Wizard (sick burn intended).

Despite owning this tool, the Salesforce world has seen very little change or benefit from this acquisition – in fact the options for data loading using native tools have basically remained the same (painful) for the last 5 years.  Removing the 10,000-record limit and making the new default data loading tool would be a significant upgrade.

Of course there is still plenty of room for the freemium model – remove record limits and instead focus on features.  Imagine a world where we go to a data loading tab in the setup menu, click on the Data Loader link, and have loaded directly inside our environments.  Fully authenticated, permissioned only for admin users, add the ability to reference a list view or report for source records, and map using formulas and functions inside the field mapping screen – we’ll take a dozen seats thanks!

Notable Workaround:

While many users like the online interface of, Jitterbit’s Cloud Data Loader is 1) Free 2) Intuitive 3) More Feature Rich than 4) does not have a 10,000 record/month limit.

Until we have better options from Salesforce, Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader is my tool of choice for all data operations.


For a full overview and explanation of this “Idea Worth Supporting”, check out Tom’s video below!


Tom Hoffman is a Practice Director for SparkOrange.  He brings over a decade of experience on the Salesforce platform and has played a pivotal role in growing the Central Practice for the company. Tom is heavily engaged in the Salesforce ecosystem as a Salesforce MVP, Community Group Leader, Dreamforce Presenter, and frequent speaker at World Tour & Community events.