Marketing Automation

While Spark.Orange customizes each and every engagement, here are some common types of projects we undertake with our clients.

Pardot Quickstart

Pardot technical setup, asset creation, team training.


Marketing Automation Business Process Review

You’ve been using your marketing automation tool for some time now. Are you ready to take it to the next level and get more out of your software solution? Spark.Orange can provide a competitive Business Process Review that includes a full instance review and best practices to be sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. While we may find reasons to work together on additional projects in the future, the purpose of this engagement is to leave with you an actionable process document. Our engagement is designed to give you a plan regardless of whether it is with us or self-guided.


Platform Migrations

We get it: change can be scary. There’s no need to fear change when you partner with a company who has been there before. Whether you’re moving on or off Pardot, consolidating multiple instances or branching off into several new tools, Spark.Orange can help you in this time of transition.

Salesforce Engage

Salesforce Engage is a great tool by Pardot enabling collaboration between sales and marketing, in order to provide a deeper insight into your sales prospects’ needs and facilitate a deeper engagement on your prospects’ own terms. Spark.Orange can help you implement your Engagement instance with technical setup, marketer training, and sales deployment.



Whether onsite or virtual, Spark.Orange can deliver customized training in marketing automation and Pardot to get your team ready for the challenges that lie ahead. From new user onboarding and advanced strategies to sales training and and best practices, Spark.Orange offers it all.


Managed Services

Many of our clients may not have the time or resources to manage their Pardot instance.This is where Spark.Orange offers a solution that scales with you. Whether you’re ramping up for a big campaign or maintaining nurture campaigns and a regular email calendar, Spark.Orange can execute on all fronts.

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“Spark.Orange introduced us to a tool that has provided us with a great opportunity to expand our reach and further develop our relationship with the businesses and the community that we work with, and for. It’s not the platform that has made this happen so successfully, it’s the people that work with us on it.”

– Business Owner, Syracuse, NY