Business & Process Consulting

As your business grows, each person’s role and each department evolves as needed. Sometimes these adaptations happen at varying rates, leading to inefficiencies—and over time, if left unchecked, your business can wind up with a tangled mess in the process pathway. But you can prevent that from happening, by bringing in someone with experience in this sort of problem solving, who can provide a fresh perspective and pinpoint those inefficiencies, locating potential breakdowns in your process.

The team at Spark.Orange has years of combined experience in business process analysis and business development. We can use that experience, along with the tools in Salesforce, to take a step back and look at the big picture of your business, researching your current needs and anticipating future ones, allowing us to streamline your processes. This will enable you to use Salesforce to its maximum advantage, along with the other resources you may have at hand, increasing your efficiency and productivity and literally finding you extra hours in the day. And we will accomplish this in such a way that will fit with your company as it continues to grow.

Spark.Orange offers strategic planning, process creation, evaluation & refinement, and technology road mapping so you have an executable, goal-oriented success-plan to guide the development and maturation of your Salesforce platform.

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“Without a doubt, Spark.Orange delivers the best ad-hoc technology solutions for a company in need of creative strategy and implementation. Partnering with them was invaluable and integral to the information system problem my team faced. It was through their vital fact investigation, critical thinking and patience that we were able to construct the precise solution needed for our project.”

– Executive, FinTech Industry