Our Top 4 Apps on the AppExchange

Our consultants spend all day in Salesforce coming up with custom solutions for the unique needs of our clients. When Salesforce requires added functionality to see those solutions through, they turn to the AppExchange. Here are some of the apps they find themselves turning to again and again.

App Name: Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries 

Description/Use Case: Create rollup summaries using lookup fields instead of just Master-Detail.

Why We Love It: Andy Fawcett, CTO of Financial Force, made the original DLRS in 2015 and continues to work on this magical app, now in its 18th release. DLRS allows admins to create rollup summaries through lookup relationships with purely declarative means while adding great functions like concatenate, count distinct, first, and last to the standard rollup summary options (Avg, Count, Max, Min, Sum). The app is well documented & creates triggers, apex classes, and code coverage through a declarative interface. I find a use case for it on the majority of my projects, it is definitely my favorite Salesforce Tool.


App Name: Field Trip

Description/Use Case: Analyze object/field utilization, the ability to see if custom fields are really used or if they can be scrapped. This helps keep the org clean of junk/missing data. Allows you to analyze the entire object or a subset of records where certain fields may be relevant.

Why We Love It:  Being involved on many projects where there were many custom fields, some with similar/duplicate names it was a great help to be able to look at which were used and which were not. If a field is expected to be used and you find it is not you can take action to add validations/make required/re-train/etc. This helped us to design a new page model and training session to go along with it so that we could remove unnecessary fields and bring attention to others that were flagged as important by managers.


App Name: Data.com Prospector

Description/Use Case: Instantly access and import data from over 250 million company profiles and 45 million Data.com Connect business contacts. Easily import into your Salesforce lead/contact/account objects with a few clicks. Helpful when planning territories, market segmentation, and prospecting.

Why We Love It:  Prospecting and data integrity are two of the largest problems we see sales teams run into on a daily basis. While Data.com Prospector doesn’t solve this ever-evolving issue, it gets you fairly close with a plethora of information literally at your fingertips. Since this information is pulled from a D&B database it is constantly updated and will populate several key fields for lead/contact/accounts that sometimes are not ever completed, or filled out incorrectly. Data integrity increases and time spent prospecting decreases– every sales member’s dream.


App Name: Nintex Document Generation (formerly Drawloop)

Description/Use Case: Automatically create a wide range of documents, complete with field values and/or other information merged in from Salesforce instantly on creation. Use predefined templates to generate documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or Visualforce pages.

Why We Love It: We’ve used this app with a number of clients and found it to be an immensely powerful and useful tool for pulling information from Salesforce into documents. Once set up, it’s fairly low-maintenance, and is backed by a fantastic support team should any issues arise. This tool can automate the creation of anything from quote templates to intricate PowerPoint presentations, and anything in between.

What app do you find the most helpful?