Is It Time For A Rescue?


Unfortunately, and for many reasons, things in life don’t always go as planned. Even the best intentions somehow seem to go by the wayside leaving you to ask yourself, how did we get here and what are we going to do now?


The same holds true for Salesforce implementations. I know because I’ve seen it far too many times and it’s an uncomfortable situation for all involved.  Executives are wondering when they will see the value from the platform they’ve heavily invested in. Management is anxiously awaiting the results and success they were promised and users are wondering why they abandoned their previous system or “way of doing things” and are now being asked to change what previously was perceived as working “just fine”. These are all roadblocks and indications of poor adoption, loss of productivity and perhaps abandonment of the project entirely leaving everyone in a bad spot, only having built poor relationships or broken previously strong ones.


So, how did you get here?  There can be many reasons and sometimes a combination of things that can lead to a failed implementation.  Frequently we see that the objectives of the project were not outlined and understood properly and even if they were, they were not implemented successfully.  It’s important to go into a Salesforce implementation with your company’s strategic goals and objectives front and center and build the process that utilizes Salesforce to achieve said goals and objectives more efficiently and effectively.


At Spark.Orange, we’re able to turn this situation around by truly getting to know and understand your needs. Our team combines profound business knowledge with Salesforce expertise to ensure smooth implementation – which is why we have performed a number of rescues. If this sounds like the position you’re in, contact us or read more about out our tips for a successful implementation.