Working with nonprofit organizations is a passion of ours at Spark.Orange–so much so that we included it in our Mission Statement.

We have worked with organizations of all sizes and types, and regularly work with Salesforce Foundation clients to deploy the Non-Profit Starter Pack (NPSP), standard implementations of the Salesforce platform, and even fully developed custom platforms.

Just as with a for-profit business, your contacts are your most valuable asset. Salesforce allows you to centralize your data, to better track the relationships between donations and the people who help your organization achieve its service-oriented, financial, and charitable goals. Salesforce connects you to your community, allowing you to target specific donors and grant funding sources, as well as connecting you to the community of other non-profit organizations. Salesforce is a cloud-based platform so your staff, board, and volunteers have on-demand digital access to your data and reports, regardless of their location or mobile device, and it reduces the need for your organization’s information technology and networking resources. And the wide availability of third-party applications and development possibilities allow Spark.Orange to provide you with the flexible, secure solutions you need.

Regardless of your model, and whether you need to manage memberships, grants, donations, volunteers, event, or any combination, we can’t wait to help you along the way.

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“I hired Derek and his colleagues at Spark Orange after meeting them one time. They showed a deep appreciation and understanding of what I needed to get my job done effectively. We had tight deadlines for proposals and had to work through holidays to determine how we’d map out the disparate data sources and pull them together in SalesForce. Fortunately, I had several people on our Implementation team internally who “got it” and gave me time as needed to help gather and standardize this data. Derek is a joy to work with and I feel fortunate to now consider him not only a vendor, but a trusted friend and colleague.”

– CMO, Non-Profit Sector