Higher Education

Over the past few years, Salesforce has translated its success as a customer experience platform to the realm of higher education. Using the same principles involved in streamlining production processes, marketing, and customer relationship management, Salesforce can help academic institutions improve student life every step of the way.

Your students’ experience at your school begins at the first moment of contact. Whether you are with a small college or large university, Salesforce allows you to target your recruitment efforts, marketing directly to the students you want at your school. You can also connect with parents, donors, and university affiliates. And then the fun really begins. Spark.Orange can help you integrate your existing systems to allow Salesforce to open the lines of communication between institution representatives, students, and parents, supporting the student through their time at school. And it doesn’t end there. Salesforce allows you to maintain that essential communication with alumni for a lasting connection.

The higher education data architecture (HEDA) will bring your institution beyond admissions handling, allowing you to configure Salesforce to meet your specific needs. Connect with other institutions and your local community in order to provide the ultimate student experience.

Let Spark.Orange help you design and maintain a Salesforce platform that guides you into a wide world of CoE- and Student-run organizations, service and trouble ticket handling and self-help knowledge base through Salesforce Knowledge and Service Cloud, and an interconnected campus through Salesforce Communities. While it’s a cliché, it’s still true: the possibilities really are endless.

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