High Tech & Manufacturing

Just as your manufacturing processes must keep up with technological advances, so, too, should your business processes and customer service.

Customers expect control, immediate response, and digital access across a variety of platforms that are constantly changing. Your sales representatives need to be able to generate and follow hot leads, service reps need quick access to customer information, and your partners and project leaders require easy, on-demand reporting to provide innovative solutions and stay ahead of emerging trends. Spark.Orange can help you provide this access to your customers, partners and employees, ensuring a connected community.

The native toolset in Salesforce combined with specialized apps, and even custom development, can ensure your Salesforce instance is the most effective it can be. Our expertise in both Salesforce and the business processes of your industry help us identify your specific requirements, and we know just how to meet those needs. Whether you’re integrating with your enterprise resource planning, or you need project management tools, or just want to streamline communication along the product pipeline, we will get you there.

Our solutions can improve your efficiency and make time for you to deliver personalized service, helping you achieve your company’s goals, attain higher sales and keep your customers satisfied.

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“The Spark.Orange team has been nothing but helpful, supportive, and available to us. It’s hard to ask anything more than that. I strongly recommend their work.”

– Business Owner, Syracuse, NY