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Medical innovations are happening faster than ever. Regulations are changing. Patients want more engagement and control over their care, and expect their providers to have instant access to their information. That means all of their providers, bringing in data from multiple platforms. And of course payers need access to this data, too. Connecting patients, providers, and payers is the only way to deliver the best patient care from the very beginning. The Salesforce Health Cloud connects everyone, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, leading to technological innovations based on patient care results.

When healthcare providers have immediate digital access to all patient data, they can make informed decisions about personalized, customized care. The sharing of data allows each care provider to engage with a patient in a one-on-one setting, increasing patient satisfaction. And collecting data and analytics from all entry points provides the big picture needed to ensure the whole health of a patient. With all this access to data, patient privacy has never been more important. Salesforce has levels of security intended to safeguard your patients’ data as it travels between patient, provider, and payer.

Spark.Orange can connect you with this pipeline, streamlining your processes and turning your data into actionable insights. We will analyze your existing data management and processes, evaluate your role in this community. The team at Spark.Orange are experts in helping you achieve deeper relationships with patients, improving patient satisfaction and medical outcomes.

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