Industries We Work With

The capabilities of Salesforce, when properly utilized, can impact organizations across a variety of industries.¬†At Spark.Orange, our experts will customize your implementation to ensure success and adoption–no matter your industry.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our experts use the #1 CRM to streamline business processes and turn your data into actionable insights so that your team can focus on what matters: patient needs and satisfaction.

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High Tech & Manufacturing

Our solutions use Salesforce to improve operational efficiency and make time for you to deliver personalized service, helping you achieve higher sales and keeping your customers satisfied.

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Banking & Financial Services

Let Spark.Orange help you improve productivity so that your people can spend more time delivering outstanding service and building lasting client relationships.

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At Spark.Orange, we help non-profits take advantage of the Salesforce NPSP. We set you up with the right implementation of the #1 CRM so that you can focus on delivering impact.

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Higher Education

With the right Salesforce instance, we can help change the way you communicate as a campus and allow you to focus on delivering the ultimate student experience.

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