How Salesforce Can Help Businesses Maintain, Respond, and Manage During The COVID-19 Crisis

Written by Derek Vargas


The COVID-19 crisis has been an unprecedented challenge for every individual, presenting business leaders with more uncertainty than they have likely faced in decades. The reality is that even the most competent and capable leaders are hesitant to act, as making decisions during a global pandemic is daunting. However, decisions still need to be made, as the business world is now rapidly adapting and transforming. Despite initial speculation, the old normal that existed before COVID-19 is not coming back. As such, we must take steps to ensure that our businesses are resilient enough to face the next normal of the near future.

In pursuit of this next normal, businesses are eagerly adopting new technologies and systems in order to navigate this uncertain business climate. Salesforce has launched in order to better assist businesses in their decision-making processes. is a total suite of tools designed to provide advisory services and technology solutions to companies looking to support their employees and reopen safely. These include contract tracing, employee wellness checks, and a company-wide vision alignment tool called V2MOM. All of these tools come together to help business leaders create holistic and well thought out plans for their company’s future. Company and industry leaders should be able to lean on and learn from one another. Let’s look at the data together to determine the right steps forward.

Executives are looking for a method to better make “no regrets” decisions as this new normal emerges. To this end, Salesforce has developed a playbook to guide business leaders through these uncertain times. Drawing from the advice of global experts, the response plan centers around a structured approach with three distinct and concurrent tracks that simplify decision making. These tracks are:

  1. Stabilize: Centered around protecting your staff and running your business as best as possible during the crisis to mitigate short-term risks.
  2. Reopen: Planning how to effectively return to the workplace using effective logistics and communications.
  3. Grow: Accelerating digital transformation in order to become faster and more relevant to customer needs.

By following this three-track design approach, business leaders are better able to consider and address multiple scenarios, preventing business leaders from being caught off guard by unexpected changes.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that these tools and many others that are not just quick fixes or temporary solutions. Instead, they can become the foundation for addressing your company’s long-term resilience during this difficult time. When dealing with a crisis on the scale of COVID-19, you need to have a well-defined strategy that addresses your organization’s future. Short-term “band-aid” fixes are a part of that process, but it is more important to establish systems and practices that will serve your company for the foreseeable future. This is why we at Spark.Orange are ready to work with you to define your strategy, allowing us to identify, validate, and build transformative and sustainable solutions.