As our Program Manager, Pat Fallon is known for creating new Slack channels to streamline our internal communications. But on one evening in December, while talking with his coworker and fellow Salesforce Consultant, Genna Tripoli, he created a different kind of Slack channel: #DogsofSparkOrange. The purpose read “pictures of your dog go here” and the response was immediate.

Since that day, the channel has had a constant flow of dog photos and been a great source of smiles and entertainment. Who doesn’t love cute dog photos?!

After seeing all of their glamour shots, we had to take it a step further and learn more about the stars of our favorite channel.

Name: Champagne
Breed: Lab Retriever Mix
Birthday: 4/9/15
Parents: Pat & Rochella
Hobbies: I enjoy taking every toy out of my toy crate and strategically placing them around the house so my parents step on them. Also, I love playing with anyone and anything that moves.
Fun Facts: My parents were very picky about the dogs that they would consider adopting. I was the only dog that Pat was interested in and when the day came, I had already been adopted. Four days later, I re-appeared on the Helping Hounds website, so Rochella and Pat left work at lunch to see what was going on. I had been returned because I wanted to play more with the other dog than the kids. Luckily for me, that brief hiccup lead me to my forever family with Pat and Rochella!

Name: Tucker
Breed: Pitbull/Border Collie Mix
Birthday: 12/16/16 (This is an estimate since I was rescued from the side of the road when I was around 8 weeks old)  
Parents: Genna & Jamie 
I love playing fetch, chewing on anything, jumping on the bed, and hanging with mom and dad.
Fun Facts: Even though my name is Tucker, my parents sometimes call me Monster because I’m a wild child.

Name: Obi
Breed: German Shepherd
Birthday: 1/26/17 
Parents: Dan and Rachel
Hobbies: I love playing with my human brothers, running around the yard as much as possible, and sleeping on my parents’ furniture.
Fun Facts: My favorite treats are Yummy Chummies, which are made only in Alaska from Alaskan salmon (my dad says they smell AWFUL). My Dad’s Uncle lives in Alaska and sent me a bag a while ago, and now my parents have to order them from Amazon because normal biscuits aren’t good enough now that I’ve had these. I expect one every time I come in from going outside. Also, my full name is actually Obi-Bear Kenobi..”Bear” was a German Shepherd my Dad had as a kid, and he combined that name with the obvious Star Wars reference.

Name: Izzy Tysco
Breed: Border Collie
Birthday: 6/24/16
Parents: Karen & John
 I love playing fetch, being a clinger, fishing, and being at camp. I also love bedtime.
Fun Facts: Every morning when I wake up, I sit up and trust falls backwards onto one of my parents.. sometimes I miss and they get a good laugh!

Name: Lily
Breed: Black lab mix
Birthday: 11/26/14
Parents: Beth and Matt  
Hobbies: I love chasing tennis balls, swimming in the lake, and playing at the Barking Orange.
Fun Facts: I was born in Mobile, Alabama, and my parents adopted me from Helping Hounds. I also have a human sister, Sophie.

Now we don’t want to say you “must love dogs” to join the Spark Squad.. but it certainly doesn’t hurt! We love seeing how much pets mean to their parents at Spark.Orange, and look forward to seeing more fun photos of our furry friends.