Customer Spotlight: Gardner and Capparelli


We work with some truly amazing companies and love nothing more than hearing about their success. To kick off our customer spotlight series, we’re sharing the story of Gardner and Capparelli.

What do you do (as a company)?

Gardner & Capparelli was established in June 2016. We are certainly NOT your stereotypical accounting firm! We are a boutique firm specializing in virtual CFO and cloud based accounting services, working with start-ups, rescue accounting and taxation.

What makes G & C different?

The idea to start G&C was born out of the desire to be in control of our destinies and ultimately live any lifestyle we wanted. Along the way we met a ton of interesting and dynamic people who were entrepreneurs themselves. It seemed there was an increasing number of people putting down roots and starting businesses, many of which were technology based in Syracuse and all over Upstate New York. This new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs didn’t fit the model of the traditional accounting firm. So, we set out to offer an alternative solution and today we are working with clients all over the northeast with the intention to leverage technology and expand our reach to anywhere in the country.

We do everything purposefully. Our culture reflects our desired lifestyle and we built our business around that notion. We march to our own beat, wear whatever makes us comfortable and love what we do. This all makes us who we are and most importantly stay passionate about what we do. We built our office to feel like a techy start-up. Our style and personalities are what make us so approachable and appealing to our clients. We don’t hire “bean counters”, we hire dynamic accountants.  


What has using Spark.Orange done for you?

The accounting industry has fallen far behind the bell curve in terms of technology adaptation. We searched, and couldn’t find, a good out-of-the box solution to help facilitate some of the project management requirements of a busy tax season. What we learned in our first year of business was that we were spending half of our time managing contracts, requesting documents from clients, chasing those requests down, etc. We were searching for a solution to automate and manage these monotonous tasks for us, so we could spend our time providing for value added services to a high number of clients.

That’s where Spark.Orange came in. They help us design and implemented The G&C Community, which was built custom on the Salesforce platform – it’s one of a kind! With our new tool, we are able to automate workflow from contract signing to receipt of every single document that we will need to prepare a client’s tax return. We are able to virtually execute contracts, manage document requests, share files, manage projects, and collaborate with our clients on their own personalized community page. The community page also serves as a vault to manage and store accounting and tax documents throughout the year. The days of organizing and printing paper documents and mailing or physically delivering them to your accountant are over. The best part is, the G&C Community is also available on mobile! You can even share files using the camera on your smartphone.

With our new tool, we were able to reduce project management hours associated with these tasks by an estimated 50%! At the same time, we were able to provide a client’s with a valuable tool to reduce the amount of time it takes them to prepare for tax season! The tool also provides for constant transparency to status of client’s tasks lists, keeps everyone honest and in the loop. You can’t ask for more. Both sides win.

What do you do for Spark.Orange?

We provide an entire suite of back-office solutions. We are responsible for management and oversight of accounting, payroll, insurance, HR, taxes, and also serve as an outsourced CFO. Perhaps most critical, we act as trusted advisors, and participate in major business decisions. We allow Spark.Orange to focus on what matters – growing their business!

Do you have any exciting 2018 plans for your business?

In addition to rolling out our new G&C Community, we are also hyper focused on growing and expanding our footprint in NYS. We spent 2017 refining our business model and building our team. Now we are ready to go!

We love having the opportunity to work with a company that’s forging a new path in the accounting world! You can learn more about what they have to offer here.