Our Story

In the words of co-founder, Derek Vargas

Founding Spark.Orange was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. I met my co-founder, Aliza, while working for a sales and marketing consultancy in Syracuse, NY that utilized CRM as a backbone. Over time, we found that we shared so much in common…we loved solving problems (the more complex the better); we were committed to providing real tangible value to clients; we both were passionate about helping people, and wanted to do more to work with non-profits; we both had a vision of a growing Syracuse and wanted to be a part of its transformation; we both truly valued honesty and loyalty;  we both have an innate, positive belief in people; and…we both really fell in love with Salesforce, and the power and flexibility it has to help make all of this other stuff possible.

So, when the opportunity arose to do all of these things – with one of my best friends – there was really not much to think about. In fact, it was an absolute no brainer.

Racing into our sixth year, we’re still at it, and having so much fun watching Spark.Orange grow. We have The. Best. Team.  – all committed , fantastic clients and partners, have been named a Syracuse Economic Champion for five straight years by Centerstate CEO (CNY’s Chamber of Commerce), Aliza’s been named to Syracuse’s 40-under-40, and I sit on the board of Syracuse First, a non-profit organization dedicated to championing the Buy Local movement.

And through it all, we’re still in love with Salesforce. It provides businesses and organizations of every size with the opportunity to become more efficient in so many ways. It literally helps you find extra hours in the day. It connects you with your customers in ways you didn’t think possible. And it provides a crystal clear window into the activity and performance of your organization.

Every day, I wake up grateful for what we’ve accomplished. Grateful for the people and organizations that we get to work with, and grateful for the opportunity to continue to do what we love. And I look forward to all that’s to come.