Our approach is focused on you.

Your business goals are our priority, and as your strategic partners, we deliver the necessary tools and strategies for you to achieve them. This means paying attention to what matters to you and your customers, from the big picture down to the smallest details.

When it comes to execution, our commitment and insights are unparalleled. We don’t just use Salesforce to fit your current needs – we customize it to elevate your performance and set you up for continued success.

  • “Derek and Spark Orange first started working with us last year. He introduced us to a tool that has provided us with a great opportunity to expand our reach and further develop our relationship with the businesses and the community that we work with, and for. It’s not the platform that has made this happen so successfully, it’s the people that work with us on it. Derek and his team have been nothing but helpful, supportive, and available to us. It’s hard to ask anything more than that. I strongly recommend his work.”

    – Business Owner, Syracuse, NY

  • “I hired Derek and his colleagues at Spark Orange after meeting them one time. They showed a deep appreciation and understanding of what I needed to get my job done effectively. We had tight deadlines for proposals and had to work through holidays to determine how we’d map out the disparate data sources and pull them together in Salesforce. Fortunately, I had several people on our Implementation team internally who “got it” and gave me time as needed to help gather and standardize this data. Derek is a joy to work with and I feel fortunate to now consider him not only a vendor, but a trusted friend and colleague.”

    – CMO, Non-Profit Sector

  • “We have been so pleased with our partnership with Spark.Orange! Their knowledge of Salesforce and their ability to build a custom program for David’s Refuge made all the difference–and truly moved us into a new place with our Guest experience, ability to serve more people and donor relationships. All the automation really helps us to stay connected to the people who need us. Working with Derek, Aliza and their team has been easy and fun. They are great to talk to and always there when we need them for even the simplest of questions! We feel like they are an extension of our organization and their belief in our mission makes such a tremendous difference. I can’t imagine David’s Refuge without Salesforce or Spark.Orange!!”

    – Executive Director, Non-Profit Sector