3 Must-Watch Speaker Sessions from TrailheaDX '18

Unable to attend TrailheaDX? Luckily, you can catch the speaker sessions online. We shared three inspiring sessions below – check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
  1. Opening keynote Part 1:  This inspiring kick-off to TrailheaDX discusses the 4th Industrial Revolution and what it means for all of us. You also get to hear the story of a trailblazer in possession of a coveted golden hoodie! This session sets the tone for an exciting two days of TDX.
  2. Fireside chat with Marc Benioff and Parker Harris: The Salesforce co-founders share how they got their start, lessons they’ve learned along the way, the culture of Silicon Valley, women in tech, and what it means to be an activist. This session is filled with inspiration to work hard and give back.

    • “I would rather have a backlog of all this work than have one employee, one wrong person, in the company” – Parker
    • “Everybody has an obligation today to speak up” – Marc
    • “I look at what’s happening in our women in tech groups around the world, the Salesforce Ohana. It’s amazing, and the women are kinda taking over, which is probably how it should be.” – Marc
  3. The Future of Salesforce App Dev with Parker Harris & Friends: Co-founder and CTO Parker Harris introduces multiple friends to help him through this session, starting with a consulting partner who changed her life with Salesforce and earns the golden hoodie right on stage. Up next, Margaret Francis, SVP and GM of Heroku walks through exciting new features that will make building an app faster than ever. Leeanne Rimel, Principal Admin Evangelist also discusses how the Einstein Prediction Builder will help better meet customer demands for smarter apps. Wade Wegner, SVP of Product Management then shows how we can build apps together. If you work with Salesforce apps, this is a must-watch!

What Salesforce events are you attending this year?